Chocolate, honey and confectionary

Aux glaces de l’Anse

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Types of products: Ice cream and sorbets, coulis and homemade sauces, made ​​products whenever possible with local and organic foods

Choco-Lactée, confiserie-chocolaterie

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Types of products: Chocolates, fudge, chocolated fruits

Conserverie de la Baie

Types of products : Jams, jellies, syrup, ketchup, marinades, salsa

Couleur Chocolat inc.

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Types of products: Chocolates, caramel, florentine cookies, brownies, candied fruit, marshmallow

Érablière Escuminac

Types of products : Organic maple syrup, organic birch syrup

Érablière Saint-Gabriel

Types of products : Syrup, maple butter, maple taffy and jellies, granulated maple sugar, maple caramel, maple cones

Érablière Vallières

Types of products : Syrup,taffee, candies, pops and granulated sugar, maple caramel and jelly

Ferme Bourdages Tradition

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Types of products : Strawberries, fresh vegetables, fine strawberry and rhubarb wine, jams and coulis, pies, pâtés, bread, ready-to-eat foods

Ferme Paquet et Fils


Types of products : Fresh and preserves fruits and vegetables, meats and delicatessen products, breads and pastries, jams and jellies

Gaspésie Sauvage

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Types of products : Dried mushrooms, mushroom powder, herbal teas, jams, jellies and pickled products

Hydromel Forest – Rucher des Framboisiers


Types of products : Honey, pollen, propolis, wax, hydromel

La Maison de l'Érable


Types of products : Maple syrup, , sugar loaf, maple chips, fine maple sugar, taffy lollipops and cones

Les Entreprises 3B inc.


Types of products: Organic maple syrup, maple taffy, maple butter, maple caramel, cones, maple sugar loaf and granulated sugar, gift baskets, food services containers

Les Érables de la passion

Types of products : Syrup, maple taffy, sugar maple bread, granulated maple sugar, maple caramel, strawberry jellies...

Les Framboisiers Lepage

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Types of products: Organic raspberries, blueberries, black current and processed products

Les Moutardes Legros

Types of products : Apple sauce mustard, cinnamon and nutmeg mustard, Pit Caribou ale mustard, oriental spices mustard, garam masala mustard

Un p'tit air sucré

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Types of products : Miel des ruches de l'entreprise, tartinades à base de miel, caramel fleur de sel, bonbons de chocolat, sels aromatiques à base d'algues

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