For our members

Producers and processors

We offer a range of services to our members in terms of promotion and marketing:

  • Training sessions and coaching; and
  • Development of special tools such as bar codes, labels, grocery shelf hang tags, sampling and demonstration stands, etc.

Gaspésie Gourmande also has a range of tourism-related products and services to help our producers and processors welcome their clientele. For instance, the Association has designed banners that are displayed at the entrance to each production and processing enterprise open to the public. The Association visits these companies at least once a year for quality assurance purposes.

From time to time, the Association also offers its members direct services, notably in the area of market development.

Members are also regularly offered a range of promotions throughout the year, in addition to occasional discounts on publicity, photo sessions, etc.

Obviously, our members also enjoy the interesting visibility offered by the Guide-Magazine Gaspésie Gourmande and on the Association's website.

Ask our team about upcoming activities included in our calendar and the organisation's action plan.


Associate members (merchants, restaurateurs, chefs, bed-and-breakfast operators...)

Gaspésie Gourmande has a growing number of services for its associate members. It intends to work even more closely with them in the next few years to improve the marketing of regional products.

In addition to the tools, various events and promotions available to our associate members every year, we guarantee them of an attentive team careful to address their needs and questions regarding the use of the range of products we provide. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


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