Producers and processors

Antoine Nicolas, plongeur et cueilleur d'algues

Types of products : Seaweeds (wakame, sugar kelp, dulse, sea lettuce, fucus)

Association Gaspésie Bio

Types of products : Tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, onions, potatoes, raspberries

Atkins et Frères

i poissonnerie


Types of products: Hot and cold smoked trout and salmon, smoked seafood, maple bits, smoked fish rillettes

Aux glaces de l’Anse

i erabliere


Types of products: Ice cream and sorbets, coulis and homemade sauces, made ​​products whenever possible with local and organic foods

Bonheur Gourmand


Type of product: Chocolate fondant

Boulangerie artisanale La Pétrie

i produits fraisi restaurant


Types of products : A wide selection of breads and pastries

Boulangerie-Pâtisserie La Mie véritable

i produits fraisi restaurant i gg


Types of products : Breads, pastries

Brasserie Auval Brewing co.



Types of products : Maturation of beer in oak barrels

Choco-Lactée, confiserie-chocolaterie

i erabliere


Types of products: Chocolates, fudge, chocolated fruits

Conserverie de la Baie

Types of products : Jams, jellies, syrup, ketchup, marinades, salsa

Coop du Cap

Types of products : Hemp oil, spicy roasted hemp seed

Coopérative Bœuf Gaspésie

Type of products : Individual cuts beef

Couleur Chocolat inc.

i erabliere


Types of products: Chocolates, caramel, florentine cookies, brownies, candied fruit, marshmallow


i poissonnerie


Types of products: Ground fish, fresh or frozen fillets, ready-to-eat meals Les Cuisines de Saint-Maxime

Distribution Jardins-Nature

Types of products : Three kinds of organic tomatoes (on-the-vine, Roma and beefsteak)

E. Gagnon et Fils ltée (Gaspe Shore)

Types of products : rock crab, snow crab, lobster, shrimp

Épicerie-Café Le Moulin

i restaurant


Specialities : Milled flour, meats and vegetables, green juice

Érablière Escuminac

Types of products : Organic maple syrup, organic birch syrup

Érablière Saint-Gabriel

Types of products : Syrup, maple butter, maple taffy and jellies, granulated maple sugar, maple caramel, maple cones

Érablière Vallières

Types of products : Syrup,taffee, candies, pops and granulated sugar, maple caramel and jelly

Ferme Alcide Proulx et Fils inc.


Types of products : Strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, potatoes, oats, barley, ground grains

Ferme Bos G

Types of products : Yack meat and delicatessen products

Ferme Bourdages Tradition

  i restaurant 


Types of products : Strawberries, fresh vegetables, fine strawberry liqueurs, jams and coulis, pies, pâtés, bread, ready-to-eat foods

Ferme du Littoral gaspésien inc.

Types of products : White, red, long and round potatoes , oats, barley, wheat, soy, canola

Ferme du Ruisseau Vert

i produits frais


Type of product : Gaspesian hop 

Ferme Le Caprivore


Types of products : homemade sausage, cuts meat , goat terrines

Ferme maricole du Grand Large


Types of products : Fresh mussels

Ferme Natibo

i_produits_frais.gif - 2.25 Ko


Types of products : Fresh goat's cheese Le Cabrion, goat's cheese cruds

Ferme Paquet et Fils


Types of products : Fresh and preserves fruits and vegetables, meats and delicatessen products, breads and pastries, jams and jellies

Fumé du bon Côté inc.

Types of products : Cold smoked salmon , hot smoked salmon

Fumoir Cascapedia


Types of products : Cold smoked trout and salmon, cold smoked mackerel and herring, cold smoked shrimp, garlic pepper, lemon and dill smoked salmon

Fumoir Monsieur Émile


Type of product : Smoked salmon



Type of product : Pure botled water

Gaspésie Sauvage

i hebergement i gg


Types of products : Dried mushrooms, mushroom powder, herbal teas, jams, jellies and pickled products

Hydromel Forest – Rucher des Framboisiers


Types of products : Honey, pollen, propolis, wax, hydromel

L'Académie - Les Services alimentaires Yannick Ouellet inc.

Culinary training on reservation or pre-registration

Types of products : Hot chocolate, donuts sugar, mixtures of varions spices

L'Agneau de la Baie

Types of products : Lamb meat, 100 % lamb sausage

La Crevette du Nord Atlantique inc.

Types of products: Fresh and frozen shrimp

La Fabrique Pasta Loca

Types of products : Lobster, Nordic shrimp and smoked salmon ravioli

La Légumière – Saveur du Plateau

i produits frais


Types of product : Vegetables, traditional bakery, preserves, homemade desserts , takeaway menu

La Maison de l'Érable


Types of products : Maple syrup, , sugar loaf, maple chips, fine maple sugar, taffy lollipops and cones

La Minoterie des Anciens inc.

Types of products : Shelled hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp flour, flour of sarasin, oatmeal, hulless oat groats, shelled sarrasin seeds

La Poissonnerie du Pêcheur

i restaurant


Types of products : Fresh, frozen and smoked fish, crustaceans


i hebergement


Types of products : Lavander bouquets  (fresh and dried), tea, sirup, caramel

Le Boucanier par Atkins et Frères

i poissonneriei commerce


Specialties: Smoked fish, complete product range of Atkins et Frères, smoked cheese...

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